Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Technology for Early Detection of Oral Cancers: Trimira Identafi 3000

If you’re not seeing a dentist regularly, you risk signs of oral cancer not being detected early on.  That’s because oral cancer screenings are a part of the dental examination you receive when you visit your dentist.

Dentists use varying types of technology to detect oral cancer.  At Crabapple Dental, we use highly advanced laser technology by Trimira called Identafi 3000

This multi-spectral technology was featured on the Dr. Oz Show as a crucial part of oral cancer screening.

The Indentafi 3000 uses three distinct color wavelengths to detect lesions or other marks not visible to the naked eye, thus catching any abnormalities at the earliest possible stage.  Not only is this technology highly effective, it also eliminates the need for bad-tasting dyes or solutions necessary for other tests, making for a more comfortable patient experience.

Where dental health is concerned, only the very best technology will do.  Particularly with oral cancer, early detection is critical.  We recommend people make regular checkups with their dentists, and we recommend those dentists use the best tools available to care for their patients.

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